A DIY Confetti Surprise Lantern

A DIY Confetti Surprise Lantern

Alysha Findley
Feb 17, 2012

Are you hosting a party for a special occasion soon? Well, if so I have the best DIY project for you. A confetti filled surprise lantern!

Over at Oh Happy Day they came up with the greatest idea using inexpensive paper lanterns. The project was born when they were going through their party drawer and saw that some paper lanterns had tears in them and they wanted to find a use for them. After covering the lanterns in fringed tissue paper, they filled them with confetti. And Voila! Paper lantern surprise was born! Suspend the lantern from the ceiling, pull the string that hangs from the lantern to tip it and the confetti rains over the room.

And the best part is that they are reusable. So when you have a few extra moments you can make these fun adult piñata-like lanterns to save for a later date. I think they would add a really fun and unexpected touch to a party.

See the whole step-by-step process here on their site.

(Images: Oh Happy Day)

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