A DIY Yarn Etch-a Sketch

A DIY Yarn Etch-a Sketch

Richard Popovic
Sep 13, 2012

It's hard to top an Etch-a-Sketch when it comes to classic drawing toys. And this project isn't trying to top it, it's just re-imagining it if it was made at home, using things like cardboard, yarn and velcro. Have I lost you yet? Trust me, click through and see what I am talking about; it's worth it.

Taking her inspiration from a tool for the visually impaired, Courtney from A Life Sustained devised this amazingly clever drawing toy. The concept is simple: have yarn feed through a hollow pen, sticking to a velcro backing as it exits the pen barrel, and wind the yarn back into the container to 'erase' the drawing.

Almost everything Courtney used was found either around the house or in the recycling bin, and the size of the drawing slate can be as big or small as you want. And while I admit the drawing implement looks a bit awkward, I think the idea itself is extremely interesting, bordering on ingenious. This is another one of those projects where the process of building one together with your child is a great way to discuss ideas, inspiration and design. And when you are all done, you get a very cool custom drawing toy to play with.

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(Images: A Life Sustained)

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