A Dollhouse Full of Plants by Caitlin Parker

The less green we see outside, the more we start to obsess about ways to bring plants indoors, but we also worry that we'll be hopeless at caring for them. This installation by artist Caitlin Parker of a model house overgrown with plants captures the joy and also the anxiety inherent in people's relationship to nature.

The sculpture was inspired by a trip that Parker took to Chernobyl — a place she sees as a triumph of nature over man's destructiveness — and it feels even more poignant as abandoned houses overrun with plantlife become part of our own country's landscape. But despite the somewhat bleak context we think the piece is incredibly beautiful and we're thinking of trying to get some greenery to settle in our own childhood dollhouse. See more of Caitlin Parker's work including some gorgeous photographs of another model house that she installed in the woods on her website and blog.