A Drawing A Day: #49 in the snow - President's Day Weekend, Bondville, VT

Drawing #49

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I made a New Year's resolution to draw a squiggle each day of this year, so that I'd eventually have 365 of them and a clearer sense of why the hell I enjoy drawing them so much (BTW, I got started a little early so the dates don't quite line up yet). It also was intended to be an daily practice of making art for our home that would be as fresh and ephemeral as cut flowers....

So far, It's been totally easy and most enjoyable. I sit down at the kitchen table most nights after dinner and start drawing one shape. It takes about 20 minutes, and I never know what will emerge, although I am learning a great deal simply by observing the shape and how the impact changes depending on the amount and sharpness of the curves.

This is a purely personal project, but I urge you to join me - if you feel creative - in making one thing each day this year. It need not be a MAJOR WORK OF ART, but a sketch or a photo or a short poem will do. I'll track my progress in weekly posts and you can append yours to the comments below.

Here's to 2008!

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