A Small Family Apartment in the City

Noroof Architects

"We're starting a family, so we had to move out of the city." You hear this all the time, and for one good reason: high housing prices mean there most often simply isn't space to raise a family in an affordable apartment in the city. That's decidedly not the case, though, for this family of four in 540 square feet (with a dining room hidden in the photo above — can you see it?).

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This Lower East Side apartment by noroof architects uses smart layouts in plan and section to make room for family life. Add several custom-designed, multi-purpose furniture pieces and you have a living room, dining room and home office all in one! The project has been featured in Dwell and has won several awards for its efficient use of such a narrow apartment.

To see more pictures of the apartment, and learn more about the design process, visit the project page on the architects' website.

(Images: noroof architects)