A Family Wants Your Decor Help!

A Family Wants Your Decor Help!

Gregory Han
Apr 28, 2008

We received a unique email from a really wonderful family asking for our help from the AT community. Not only did they write in with a warm letter, they also included a house tour amount of photos of their 920 sq. ft. Westchester home. Give their letter a read, check out their photos, and feel free to share your best advice for a family of three living in a Smallest Coolest in the making:

Check out the slideshow of the home here.

Hello, Apartment Therapy.

I'm a fan of your site, but fairly infrequent visitor because I'm a very busy stay at home mom of a 5 yr. old little girl. Anyway, I'm not sure if you do this or not, but I would love to have advice (either on the site &/or in person) on decorating my 920 sq. ft. house. We are of course on a tight budget. We are a family of 3 along with a new 40 pound dog and an 11 yr. old cat.

Call us crazy but we are considering having another child and would love to use every nook & cranny (there are only 2 closets) / storage solution possible. Can you put us into contact with your readers as some sort of a "designer's challenge?" I am very open to new ideas... please help. Thank you. Stori, Steve, Hollis Howard!

P.S. I've posted everyday living photos so you can see that we are functioning pretty well in our small home. I would just like it to look a little more polished and I know your readers have great taste. Thanks again.

Check out the slideshow of the home here.

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