A Fast & Fun DIY Lamp Upgrade
Nora Taylor
Jun 29, 2016

Sometimes you just want to shake things up like right now. Fortunately Stephanie is here to walk us through a super quick and easy way to add some pattern to your life.

Skill Level: Easy
Time Required: 5 minutes
Project Cost: $3.00

From Stephanie: Hop on the global decor trend and give lamps a globally inspired look with paint pens! White paint pens were used to revamp lamps with a mud cloth inspired pattern.

What You Need

  • White Paint Pen

  • Dark Lamps


  1. Clean lamp bases to remove any residue. Residues can effect adherence of the paint.
  2. Use paint pen to mark the mud cloth pattern.
  3. Spray with clear finishing spray if desired.

Head on over to Casa Watkins Living for more inspiration.

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