So Cool! A Floating Marble Run

So Cool! A Floating Marble Run

Richard Popovic
Aug 30, 2012

Having some indoor rainy day activities stashed away in your arsenal of entertainment is a wise move for stay at home parents. And honestly, you do not have to wait for the rain to initiate them. The crushing heat of this past summer drove many families indoors during what is usually prime outside play time. Here's how one mom rose to the challenge.

Marbles are a classic toy box staple, and with marbles come marble runs. This floating marble run suspended from the ceiling, seen over at Play at Home Mom, is head and shoulders above the ones we usually see. By using a foam pool noodle and some cardboard hung from the ceiling at the perfect height and angle, this marble run kept up the fun for hours.

An extra smart move was to use those strong yet easily removable adhesive hooks on the ceiling. That way, when the run has run its course, the whole thing comes down without leaving a trace.

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(Images: Play at Home Mom)

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