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I've always liked how IKEA has continued using Swedish names for all their products, even after blowing up into an international brand available the world over. Of course, that doesn't mean I necessarily know how to pronounce all the product names strewn throughout their stores and in their catalogs.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

But thanks to IKEA På Svenska, a click-to-listen site (IKEA In Swedish), I may soon be inquiring about the ISFJORDEN with correct pronunciation next time I'm wandering the store's cavernous maze...

My favorite name/word pronunciation I've learned thanks to IKEA In Swedish, happens also be one of my favorite offerings at IKEA: their meatballs! Köttbullar, or Swedish meatballs, is apparently pronounced "SHUT-boo-lahr", with "SHUT" pronounced as when saying "Shut the door". Fascinating!

Preview more IKEA name and word pronunciations at IKEA In Swedish.

(Images: IKEA In Swedish)