A Funky & Book-Filled Live/Work Apartment

A Funky & Book-Filled Live/Work Apartment

Name: Kevin & Emma
Location: Volker — Kansas City, Missouri

We are Kevin Barrett Kane and Emma Christine Hall, otherwise known as The Frontispiece. We own and operate an independent book design agency from our apartment in beautiful Kansas City, Missouri. Naturally, we collect typewriters, cameras, red tea kettles, prints and artwork, vinyl, and books...lots and lots of books.

We love our apartment—it's a remodeled barracks-style second floor flat with wood floors and beautiful lighting. It may come with the profession, but we're obsessively clean and neat, and the space is a projection of our love for straight lines, bold colors, and simple aesthetics.

We are joined here by our two feline friends, Dumpster Cat and Struggles (both of whom have lengthy and appropriate origin stories). We were recently joined by our good friends Brandon Fox and Gabi Enos of BG Captures, a traveling Airstream photography and climbing duo. While here, they spent two days photographing our home, and we're happy to share the fruits of their efforts with you. We love Apartment Therapy, and are so excited to be featured.

Thanks, Kevin & Emma!

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