Bedroom Retreat Roundup:
A Gallery of Art Above the Bed

My Bedroom Retreat Contest

We've noticed many of our favorite submissions from My Bedroom Retreat showcase an array of artwork situated above the bed. Paintings, graphic prints, oversized photographs, and even decorative sculptural pieces...they're all a crown to the head of where we slumber. But in the process of gathering up some of our favorites, we noticed half of these artfully arranged entries came accompanied with furry companions comfortably situated below (including a pillow which almost passes for a pet)...

Hanna's Feels Like Home Bedroom 
Los Angeles

New York, NY

Cerritos, CA

Richardson, TX

A Gallery of Art Above the Bed

Clermont, FL

A Gallery of Art Above the Bed

Jacksonville, FL

Brooklyn, NY

Seattle, WA

Brooklyn, NY

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