Giant Gun Mailbox: What Would You Do?


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A New Jersey cabinetmaker has built a 350-pound replica of a .44 Magnum that he uses as a mailbox. The Lopatcong Township resident says he's had nothing but compliments about the mailbox, which he built in an effort to drum up business. But how would you feel if this moved in next door?

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My thoughts on gun control notwithstanding, I'd be annoyed if anything this large, kooky, and conspicuous suddenly appeared in my neighborhood. I probably wouldn't be making any phone calls, but I'd most likely sigh and roll my eyes VERY dramatically.

What are your thoughts? Are you all for personal expression, or should there be limits?

If you'd like to read more about the giant gun mailbox (and really, why wouldn't you?), check out Gothamist.

(Image: Owner's Facebook via Gothamist)

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