A Good Time To Clean Out The Closet

A Good Time To Clean Out The Closet

Abby Stone
Sep 25, 2008

Perhaps we've lived in Los Angeles for too long but when we hear that Mercury's in retrograde we sit up and take notice. An event that happens three or four times a year, it can be three weeks of frustration or productivity, depending on your attitude...

A good time for reevaluating, reexamining or redoing things, it's a great time for cleaning out closets and finishing projects that you never quite got around to. It's also a time when things mysteriously turn up: a favorite pen you thought you'd never see again was hidden in the cushions of your couch, your friend finally returns your pie plate, that rug you've had your eye on suddenly goes on sale. And, the timing couldn't be more perfect. These weeks before we suddenly find ourselves at the starting line for the holiday season are a great time to get stuff done that you may otherwise not get around to until after January 2nd.

Do you have any unfinished projects in your home that you'd like to finish?

[Image of Carrie Bradshaw's closet from Sex and the City, via HBO

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