If I've learned anything from my first month of graduate school, it's that I apparently don't use enough idea maps or flow charts to express my ideas. I understood how compelling idea maps could be, but I didn't truly understand until I saw the world of rap names visually mapped out before me.

Organized according to semantics like alphanumeric names (D-12), queens (Queen Latifah) and "audacious misspellings" (Ginuwine, Xzibit), the Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names Poster by Pop Chart Lab visually arranges 266 rap names. Not only is the print incredibly resourceful (perfect to have on hand next time you have to write a paper about rap names!), it is also quite nice to look at.

If you love the look of the poster, but rap names aren't your cup of tea, fret not. There is also a poster which visually organizes all of The Very Many Varieties of Beer.

Both prints are available from Pop Chart Lab.

Found via Better Living Through Design