A Great Way To Reuse A Toilet Paper Roll

A Great Way To Reuse A Toilet Paper Roll

Cambria Bold
Mar 2, 2010

We received an email from Jennifer of Pure Mod Life on reusing a toilet paper roll, and it was super simple and a bit brilliant. Why, just this morning our hair dryer went crashing to the floor when we opened the cabinet, cord strewn every which way. So here's what Jennifer recommends:

"Here is a trick my Mom had us do when we were kids. She didn't put fabric around it as shown but I had to give her credit for being so green in the 80’s and reusing her tp rolls in such a genius way! It’s an easy 15 minute DIY you have to try. It makes a pretty and tidy drawer."

All you need are a toilet paper roll, 6.5" x 5.5" scrap fabric, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Then simply fold 1/4" for outerseam and then hot glue around perimeter and roll it up. Tuck in ragged end under folded end last and then glue. Simple!

Thanks, Jennifer!

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