A Hallway Nursery

A Hallway Nursery

Regina Yunghans
Aug 1, 2011

This tiny (47 square feet!) nursery is actually fit into what used to be a hallway! It's full of small space inspiration from the furniture layout to sound dampening to storage shelving. Check it out!:

Over at Rocket City Digs, when it was time for baby to come it was time to carve out a space for the newest addition. With a small apartment, that left only a few options and this cozy nursery was born. Here's a plan drawing to give you an idea of how this hallway-turned-nursery works:

Curtains at either end of the nursery and a DIY wooden door help to block out light and sound. Overhead shelves store all diaper appurtenances within easy reach of the changing table. And sweet baby-height artwork punctuates the space's wainscot trim.

We love the inspiration for those of us living in small spaces with children. To quote Rocket City Digs directly, "...take heart, apartment If you have a space that fits a crib and a few shelves, you have enough room for a baby." Read much more on this hallway nursery at Rocket City Digs.

(Image: Rocket City Digs)

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