A Hollywood Home With a Built-In Drive-In Theater

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The weather's nice, the scenery is blossoming and we're ready to chill out under the stars and watch some movies. Although whatever outdoor theater we rig up won't be quite this swanky, we love checking out pictures of this hella gorgeous Southern California home's outdoor home theater setup.

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This home in the Hollywood Hills was designed by Santa Monica's Belzberg Architects for one of their own, founder Hagy Belzberg, a former intern in Frank Gehry's office.

Besides glass walls, modern touches and a stellar view, this 5,800-square-foot house compound features a drive-in-style home theater with a screen that completely takes over one of the exterior walls of the guest house. You can catch the flick by pulling up to the driveway in your convertible or sneaking a peek from the rooftop patio of the main dwelling.

If you're thinking about creating a theater just like us, check out our guide on How To Create an Outdoor Theater on the Cheap, and look to these posts for inspiration:

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