A Japanese Bath in Piedmont

A Japanese Bath in Piedmont

Lily Gahagan
Mar 19, 2009

We've never been much for regular baths, but during our time in Japan we grew to love the custom of bathing and visited our local onsen often. Here, a local family recreates a traditional Japanese bath with all the bells and whistles...

Of utmost importance is the actual cleaning area, to the left, where you soap up, shampoo, and rinse befor actually entering the bath, at right. The heated floors are a luxurious touch, but as homeowner Stephen Leist puts it:

"We did less in other parts of the house, but we did spend a lot on the bathroom because it's important to us. Someone else might spend their money on a room where they watch TV" ... "It's a decision about how I get my pleasure."

Well said, and words to live by for making your house work best for you. You can read the article and find more pictures at SFGate.com.

Image: Lacy Atkins

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