A Kitchen Conversion Chart to Last

A Kitchen Conversion Chart to Last

Tiffany Finley
Nov 2, 2010

Forget the days of cluttered countertops filled with recipe book conversion charts, or flour-sprinkled laptops. Sweet Fine Day's Etsy shop hosts these super cool and useful conversion prints designed by Jenna Park, the co-owner of the Brooklyn-based confectionery company Whimsy and Spice. (Sweet Fine Day is her creative outlet to her confectioner business.)

Why do we like these prints?

Reduces Resource Use: We've all had to look up a conversion (or five) during holiday cookie-baking time. (Just how many tablespoons are in 1/2 cup?) Many of us turn on our computers and look up conversion rates online. But having it right there on the wall is so much better than subjecting your laptop to the spills and thrills of the kitchen.

Attractive: The conversion charts are simple, yet stylish. The design comes in several different colors, so it's easy to find the colors that are right for your kitchen.

Durable: The kitchen can be a messy, high heat place, making artwork a big question mark. Made with heavy weight matte paper with archival inks, the charts aren't as eco perhaps as the water-based inks, but they will last a long time and be able to withstand the variations of the kitchen.

The charts aren't all-inclusive, but they have some helpful conversions for liquids. Find them on her Sweet Fine Day Etsy shop for $30 a piece.

(Images: Sweet Fine Day)

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