A Kitchen Makeover With A DIY Dining Room Table

This dining room has recently received a new coat of paint, new drapes, a few changes in decor, and best of all — a new dining room table. Things look great and even more so when you find out these homeowners did (almost) everything themselves!

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Ana over at Knock Off Wood has been showcasing the work of Dave and Joi from Nuestra Vida Dulce and for good reason. They've brought this space together with gusto and things look fabulous. Their table which was made by Joi's Father-in-Law is a great mix of old world farmhouse and new world modern. We love the look and hope to see more homeowners tackling large projects like this in the future!

The table design was modified slightly from Ana's original plans, making things a little slimmer and trimmer. Make your own with these instructions!

(via: Nuestra Vida Dulce via Knock Off Wood)
(Image: Nuestra Vida Dulce)

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