A Kitchen Within a Kitchen

A Kitchen Within a Kitchen

Richard Popovic
Feb 16, 2012

There comes a time in every toddler's life when they want to be where the big folks are and do what the big folks are doing. It is only natural that kids are fascinated by play food and the business of preparing it. But when they want to be right underfoot while mom or dad is handling hot liquid and sizzling oil, things can get nerve-wracking. If you are lucky enough to have a big kitchen, and have a knack for building and crafting, then a kitchen inside the kitchen may just be the way to go.

This play kitchen tucked into a corner of a real kitchen will undoubtedly spawn a future foodie or two. Holly at Life as a Thrifter is lucky enough to have some pretty talented people in her life. When she asked them to build her a play kitchen they came through in spades. The vibrant colors and custom details make it really stand out.

Holly applied the finishing touches by supplying odds and ends she found at a thrift store, namely the small shelf with cup hooks and the mirror above the sink. All in all this play kitchen could make a real chef jealous. Well done, Holly and crew!

See it in full detail at Life as a Thrifter.

(Images: Life as a Thrifter)

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