We've been thinking that we'd like to hang a cute laundry bag in the bathroom near the shower in order to avoid laundry piles that might appear otherwise. (Not that we'd ever leave laundry on the floor!) We were looking for bags that were relatively affordable, but one of these is a whooping $125. We thought we'd stick it in the mix here to see if you can guess which one is the most expensive?

1 India Rose, $56
2 etsy seller, LittleMissSewNSew, $20
3 John Lewis 3-in-1 Laundry Bag, £19.50
4 A Touch of Europe, $21.99
5 étoile, three sizes: 30cm x 40cm (£11), 40cm x 50cm (£14.50), 50cm x 70cm (£19)

6 Orla Keily for Target, $6.99
7 French General, $125
8 Amy Butler fabric laundry bag from etsy seller, PrettyNeatDesigns, $20
9 John Lewis Stripes Laundry Bag, £8
10 Laundry Bag Backpack, 28.99

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The is the most expensive bag in the bunch! $125 from French General

Did you guess which bag was the most expensive? $125 for a laundry bag seems a little nuts to us. We love to hear if you use a laundry bag or basket, and which bag you like the best. If you like the Orla Keily fabric, check out what one creative Apartment Therapy reader did with it.