A Less Shabby Slipcover Solution?

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Q: I have a Hans Olsen sofa that was reupholstered in a Herman Miller Crepe Weave fabric 6 years ago. Since then we've adopted two cats. They both have scratching posts, but are allowed on all of the furniture. To counter the shedding and fabric pulls, we keep the sofa covered in an Ikea bedspread cover plus two blankets over the arms.

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They don't use the sofa for scratching, but they fight/play a lot, and the sofa has suffered a few inadvertent pulls. I also have a toddler, so applying soft claws would only solve half the problem. I need advice on buying or somehow making a slipcover that doesn't look as shabby as the system now in place. I don't mind the bedspread, but the arms are difficult to protect.

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Good Questions

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