A Little Moor

A Little Moor

Laure Joliet
Jan 29, 2008

After posting about great MCM desert getaways, we realized that although we're die hard fans of the style, it's refreshing to see a little something different.

Reader Denise123 pointed out Korakia, a little hotel tucked away in Palm Springs that has a refreshing Moorish Style in the desert. We love Moroccan influences and there are quite a few small ways to bring the style into your home. These are our favorite archived places, products, and inspiration for getting a little moor:

House Tour: Philip's Indiana Jones
House Tour: Gina and Bradley's Bold Exotic Travels
Tea Time Moroccan Style
•Local Find: Riad Decor
Moroccan Key Table
Moroccan Tagines

And these are some new things we've seen around:

Floor Cushion Platform from Urban Outfitters
Graham and Greene Lantern
Birdie Stamp Bedspread from Urban Outfitters
Octagon Side Table from West Elm
Safi Cabinet from Cost Plus

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