A Lunchtime Diversion Creates a Color Palette According to Your IP Address

There's really not much to it, but PrettyIP's simplicity makes it an easy online rest stop destination during a lunch break. Just detour over to PrettyIP and the site will instantly create a color palette according to your IP addresses. As you can see, our results were surprisingly complementary to the accessories surrounding our desk!

Someone suggested that we could use location as our variable and whilst we were looking into that we realised that IP addresses are made up of numbers ranging from 0 to 255 – as are RGB color values. So there it was. We would use a person’s IP address to adjust the color scheme, not only of our logo but also for our site by calculating complementary and tertiary colors.

Color your afternoon over at PrettyIP or check out one of these other color exploration sources:

(Image: Gregory Han)