A Masterful Trick for Staying Motivated to Complete Home Projects

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I moved into a new home in March, and I often find myself getting really upset that more projects aren't done. Plenty of boxes haven't been unpacked. Nearly half our rooms still have paint swatches on the walls. Simple projects like hanging curtains have even gone ignored. So I went looking for inspiration.

Most people make a full list of ALL the projects they want to complete in a new home. In fact, this is exactly what I did. My realtor then pinged me with a new idea. Instead, try this:

Start each week or weekend with one project and list the steps that you need to tackle in that single week to get it done. Banish total home project lists, because you'll never feel done.

This way, you get the satisfaction of completing a project every single week, without getting bogged down by what you are going to do next. And if the project goes really well, it's a helpful way to get inspired for the next week when you're going to tackle the another single project.

Do you have any mind hacks for tackling your home projects?

(Image credits: Elizabeth Giorgi)

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