A Minimalist Lamp to Match Your MacBook

Yeah, we know. In the photo above, the supposed 'lamp' doesn't look like much more than an aluminum brick—the kind you might see lying around the Apple plant before it's carved out to make a unibody MacBook Pro. But if you take a look under the jump, you'll see how to figuratively flip the switch and get the glow going.

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If you looked closely, you'd see that the Brick Lamp by HC Wang has sides that are faceted, creating built-in handles and a way to prop up the lamp and reveal the light it's hiding laying down.

You can prop the Brick Lamp up on any of its four sides to cast a gentle glow across a wall or table. It's not a super-bright task lamp, but instead the kind of subtle hint of light you want on your desk—all coming from a super-modern aluminum lamp that matches your everything-Mac desk.

Via OhGizmo


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