A Mod Hanging DIY Treehouse

DIY Network

Treehouses are iconic kid retreats, but since they are complicated structures to build, many kids don't have the luxury of playing in one. That's why I love this tutorial to make a hanging "treehouse," since it doesn't require calculating the stability of a structure actually perched in the branches. And your kids could literally hang out all day long.

The 7 minute tutorial video at DIY Network shows you exactly how to make this little house. After reading through the instructions, it's clear that the project doesn't require any tremendously specialized skills; if you have a good stash of power tools and some experience with them, you should be able to build it with some patience and care.

With several portholes and a clear roof, there's plenty of sunlight to make this little fort a great place to play games or read. And, if your kids don't take to it, you can always keep it for yourself.

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(Image credits: Deek Diedricksen)