A Modern Kitchen with a Retro Color Palette

A Modern Kitchen with a Retro Color Palette

Grace Shu
Nov 5, 2008

You know that shade of seafoam green? We see it quite frequently in retro bathrooms, like at Lynn and Leif's Paris Hotel Home. So we were surprised to see it used effectively in an extremely modern kitchen, paired with blond wood floors and sleek chrome fixtures. Take a look at a few more photos after the jump and tell us what you think of this surprising color palette in an updated kitchen...

A neutral-toned speckled countertop gives this kitchen counter a touch of vintage charm.

Glasses are stored below, behind these lacquered jadeite-green cabinets.

Slim line vertical drawers pull out to reveal storage for tall containers, like cooking oil and sauces.

What do you think? Does this retro color palette work in this modern space?

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