A Modern Playroom at
Grammy & Grampy's House

My Playroom

Names: Amelia (5 months) & Jack (1 month)
Location: St. Louis, MO

We were staying in my parent's spare bedroom/catch-all room/hot mess of a room. There were so many amazing toys and books, and pieces of furniture but they were hidden with everything else in the room. My sister had just had a new baby boy, Jack, so I decided that he and our daughter, little Miss Amelia, needed a new playroom at their grammy and grampy's house. With their blessing, I got to work.

This room is a mix of vintage and modern, old and new. I started with the bedspread (Orla Kiely) and used that as inspiration for the rest of the room. I wanted the room to be gender neutral but not completely absorbed in the primary colors. I had three days and a budget of $100. I think it turned out amazing.

Thanks Jane! Readers, see more of this room, including a "before" shot at Run With Scissors.

(Images: Run With Scissors)


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