A New Way For Typography Geeks To Use Instagram

A New Way For Typography Geeks To Use Instagram

Julienne Lin
Mar 12, 2012

As you all know, we are in love with Instagram and all the new ways you can print, stream and organize Instagram photos . What's cooler than an innovative way to use Google maps + Instagram? How about a way to mix the two into documenting great examples of typography?

The folks over at We Love Typography recently came up with a solution to preserving good shop signage and lettering. By using Instagram and geotagging that syncs with Google maps, WLT is now curating all the signage photography taken on Instagram on WLT World.

WLT World has now become an inspiration site for us whenever we need to reference examples of good typography and signage, as well as an outlet to share our findings of good type on the street. If you want to join in the sharing, make sure geotagging is enabled on your phone and upload all your images with the hashtag #wlt or #welovetype.

(Images: 1. Johno, 2. Typofonderie. Images Used With Permission From We Love Typography.)

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