When designing an apartment in New York, where space is always at a premium, sometimes you have to get creative. That's what the architects at Raad Studio did for this two-bedroom NoHo duplex. From a Murphy bed to a sliding bookcase to a closet that pops out from under the stairs, this place is full of space-saving surprises.

(Image credit: Raad Studio)

The fun starts on the unit's first level. There's no coat closet, but slide-out storage pods make the most of the space under the stairs. Shelves above hold records and storage boxes.

(Image credit: Raad Studio)

In the bedroom, the architects designed a storage cabinet to be continuous with the radiator.

The home's most innovative and unusual solution is in the living room, where the architects created a bookcase that slides back and forth on a track.

(Image credit: Raad Studio)

Most of the time, the bookcase is 'parked' above the staircase, which helps to preserve the spacious feel of the living room. But if you need to grab something on the upper shelves, the bookcase slides over for easy access.

Another surprise in the living room is the sliding panel that conceals the television.

Built-ins make the second bedroom extra versatile. When guests stay over, a portion of the desktop folds up to make room for a Murphy bed to fold down from the wall. The rest of the time, the space functions as a home office.

All these clever space-saving solutions are the work of Raad Studio, a group of architects based in New York who also have lots of other exciting projects, like the Lowline, an underground park being created in an abandoned trolley terminal. You can check out their other work on their website.