A Place To Hang Your Hat: Modern Coat Racks

A Place To Hang Your Hat: Modern Coat Racks

Kristen Lubbe
Nov 26, 2010

While we were at thanksgiving dinner we lost track of our coats. When it was time to leave, we searched and searched for them and couldn't find them anywhere. We checked under the tables, in the guest bedroom and in the coat closet. Eventually we found our coats but realized how much easier storing the coats could have been if there was a coat rack!

Coat racks can certainly be eye sores, but luckily there are some fabulous modern versions! We've fallen in love with just about every one of these and just had to share:

Clothes Rack £118.00
James Irvine: Big 5 Modern Coat Rack $250.00
Hang-Ten Coat Rack $125.00
Recycled Bottle Coat Rack $75.00
Rack Deer Park $125.00
Ivy $75.00
Wall Mounted Coat Rack Unknown
Beat Coat Rack £42.00
Saturn Unknown
Pella Coat Rack $285.00

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