1-12-2012 city toy chest 2.jpg

Toy chests are an iconic element of a child's room and we certainly have featured our fair share of them. But to maximize utility in small spaces it pays to have things do double duty when possible. That's why this ingenious and elegant toy storage play center (for lack of a better term) makes us smile.

This project from bloesem kids hits all of the right notes: clean lines, simple construction and multifunctionality. Instead of trying to hide the toy storage box, make it a toy itself. It is amazing what the addition of an artfully crafted facade can do.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The tutorial and links to the templates can be found at bloesem kids. Be warned, it uses metric measurements, so if you are metrically challenged, keep a converter at the ready.

(Images: Renee Frinking)