A Portable Media Stand With its Eye on the Skies

A Portable Media Stand With its Eye on the Skies

Taryn Williford
Jan 20, 2009

The Apple iPhone and iPod are the king and queen to a host of modern gadgets that act as your portable media centers. Music, movies and TV are all available at your fingertips anywhere you need them, including at 30,000 feet in the air. But while the hundred-dollar-bill and binder-clip iPhone stands might not keep steady when you hit some turbulence, this clips-to-your-tray-table stand sure would. A major plus? There are no rules to say that you can only put this to use while flying. It would look just as at home clipped to your desk or bedside table for a space-saving bedside clock...

iFlyz has announced its Media Stand for the iPhone. This ingenious piece of kit is basically a strong suction cup on one end of a long flexible goose-neck arm and a tabletop-sized clamp on the other.

It will attach to the back of an iPhone, iPod Touch or presumably any other similar gadgets by the power of human spit, although anybody with a Blackberry Bold (with it's faux-leather backside) or a textured (silicon included) skin on their iPhone should be wary of feeling secure in the suction.

The way the clamp is designed, it can clip on to your tray table whether it's down or in its upright and locked position, so you can catch up on old episodes of Scrubs even before the pilot clears for movement about the cabin.

Available here for $29.95 with shipping to all 50 states already included.

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