A Prefab House that Costs as Much as a Car


Yesterday morning I was laying in bed scrolling through my Google Reader (that's normal right?) dreading actually getting ready for the day when I saw it. A house that costs as much to produce as a car. Did I mention all the walls are movable or removable all together? Well hello to you Mr. Morning because this is so very cool!
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Many of us Google prefab houses. They seem simple and easy and you roll up, pour a pad and install the bad boys. The hard part is that they aren't always inexpensive and they don't always use the space like you would.

Meet the Mima House from Mima Architects. It's entire interior space is able to be changed up (except the bathroom walls). Large panels can either block the windows and minimize your view or be inserted to divide up your space as you see fit. Make a large living room or a huge kitchen, the choice would be up to you.

So if any of you need me I'll be off scouting land to put one of these bad boys down. Seriously, a house that adapts to how you use the space and doesn't cost a ridiculous fortune for modern design. Score. Check out all the details and loads more photos over at Dezeen.

Images: Dezeen

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