A Question about Wallpaper...

Over the past few years, one design trend has definitely seen a comeback — wallpaper. It's in all the design magazines and blogs. Interior designers strongly feature it in their projects, and it's in all the retail stores. However, we're curious about the reality. We're sure many you AT:LA'ers have wallpaper in your homes, but how many of there are you? (continued after the survey)

Do you love the idea of wallpaper, but are you still wary of the process of putting it up? Is wallpaper just not an option (i.e., because you're renting)? Do you like the look in other homes, but it's just not your personal style? If you did put up wallpaper, did you do it yourself or hire a professional? Would you do it again? Please discuss in the commments!
Image from Domino Mag