A Quick and Easy Wi-Fi Password Reminder Solution

A Quick and Easy Wi-Fi Password Reminder Solution

Gregory Han
Mar 19, 2013

Maybe you'll be visiting the parents during spring break and need to get onto their wireless network. Or it could be your grandparents need a little tech support with their internet connection from afar. In either case, you'll need their wi-fi network password. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, the axiom of "out of sight, out of mind" applies all too well with network passwords. So here's a simple tip to give them a cheat sheet...

All you need is some masking tape and a pen. That's it! The next time you're visiting mom and dad, write down their network password and stick it directly onto their wireless router or cable modem (it's also a great opportunity to strengthen their network password to something beyond "1234" or "Guest").

So the next time you stay for a week, you won't even need to ask. And be sure to show them what you've done, so they also know the password is there for them to reference just in case they need to troubleshoot their connection over the phone with their ISP.

(Images: QuickMeme; Gregory Han)

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