A Quiet Place: Hanging Hammocks Indoors

As these unique spaces show, hammocks needn't be reserved for outdoor use. If you pick the right color and silhouette, you can use one to create a well-designed, laid-back space (that doesn't look like an ill-conceived college dorm room).

The key seems to be leaving the rest of the room relatively sparse. That way, the hammock becomes an eye-catching focal point, rather than claustrophobia-inducing clutter.

1. The vibrant hammock in this Stockholm loft looks like an ideal reading spot. Via Freshome.
2. A grass green hammock looks soothing against wood walls in architect Craig Steely's Hawaiian house. Via Dwell.
3. A bare-boned leather version designed by Jim Zivic looks sculptural against floor-to-ceiling windows.
4. A plush, cozy La Beanock hammock chair hangs in a modern loft.
5. A hammock creates a pretty, cream-colored accent in this room in the Nu Hotel.

Images: 1. Eklund Stockholm New York via Freshome 2. Linny Morris Cunningham for Dwell 3. Jim Zivic Designs 4.La Beanock 5. Hotel Chatter

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