A Rainbow of Mother's Day Tech Gift Ideas

A Rainbow of Mother's Day Tech Gift Ideas

Gregory Han
May 1, 2012

I know I'm not alone when I say picking a gift for mom, especially a tech gift, is equally about fashion as function. More specifically, the color of the device can make or break the possibility of the "oh wow" factor when my mom opens a gift, as she has a magpie's affinity for brightly colored objects. With Mother's Day on the horizon I thought it could be fun to gather up a wide assortment of the most colorful of tech designs for mom, grandmother, sister...or even the fellas who know color is nothing to shy away from.

The Nokia Lumia 900: darling of this year's CES show, Nokia's flagship Windows Phone handset is currently available in black and white for a really nice price of $99.99. But it's the matte cyan model I noticed garnered the most "oooh, which phone is that?" responses while walking about, a bright burst of blue where other Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices are limited to the usual me-too black, white and grey finishes. In fact, the cyan model is so popular, it's currently out of stock!

Native Union Unlimited POP Phone: available in 8 different colors and inspired by the classic 1950's Bakelite telephone handset, the POP phone works with just about any smartphone, alongside with Skype, Google Talk and other VOIP solutions. But the real appeal is David Turpin's retro design (my own girlfriend begged for one for ages until I finally got her a blue one, which she loves). A new Unlimited line with neon colors ($39.99) is available at Kitson in Los Angeles for additional color options.

BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone: Announced today, the super sized Bluetooth wireless speaker solution is arguably the best looking portable speaker on the market today (I like it because it looks like a huge LEGO piece). Whether red, black or white, the portable stainless steel speaker should make a great impression on both eyes and ears, and works double duty for the home office and for on-the-go weekend use.

Incase 6" Sync and Charge Cable: you probably don't want to make these colorful cables the only gift for a Mother's Day gift package, but they'd be an excellent complementary accessory if you're gifting dear ole mom a new iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Available in 5 colors, the 6" 30-pin ports cable adds a splash of fashionable color for syncing duties.

Pablo Designs Pixo Lamp: design-conscious LED task lighting can get expensive. But not only is the Pablo Pixo Lamp super cute, it offers an integrated USB charging port at the base, and it's a very reasonable $190. Although only available in white, silver, or graphite (would love this in yellow), the energy-efficient LEDs cast a very warm and welcome light wherever you direct it towards.

Sony Limited Edition Z Signature Collection VAIO Laptop: It's too bad this limited edition gold model is sold out, as ladies with a fashion streak might find the gold and brown case reminiscent of a Louis Vuitton accessory. It had a price to match too, at $2999.99!