Building a Room Around the Armchair: Reading Nook

Building a Room Around the Armchair: Reading Nook

Kim R. McCormick
Jun 16, 2011

I am very picky about patterns, but I've admired this chair's upholstery, designed by Ashley Longshore — and the clean lines and color of the wood — for months. Unfortunately, Anthropologie's Calandria armchair comes in at a whopping $1,598. In reality I will do without or DIY something, but if the chair were mine, I'd like to keep it in a space where it could shine.

I love the chair's fabric for it's painterly qualities and, mostly, the colors. To contrast its soft lines while staying in the color palette, I'd pair this chair with a rug like this strong, gray and white striped one from Surya ($175 for 3'6" x 5'6"). For lighting, I covet this vintage teal pendant light from Etsy seller 1001vintage ($235).

The Stray Dog side table from West Elm ($149) adds some texture, but because it's white it doesn't distract from the chair or rug. It can also hold a book or two. While you're reading, you can cozy up with a vintage afghan from Etsy seller RetroStock ($24). To keep you from getting too lost in your Kafka or Krakauer, add a Moon Beam clock from L.L. Bean ($44.95).

The two prints are by artists whose work I find to have very dreamy but accessible qualities. The first is, "Buffalo," by Becca Stadtlander ($20). The second print, which is also very reasonably priced, is The Swimmer by Iris Schwarz and is available at Little Paper Planes for $28.

Images: as linked, mood board by Kim Rinehimer

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