A Renter-Friendly Bedroom for Nicky & Vinny

A Renter-Friendly Bedroom for Nicky & Vinny

Carrie McBride
Jul 2, 2014

Name: Nicky (3) & Vinny (6
Location: Melburne, VIC, Australia

Vinny and Nicky's shared bedroom needed a transition design, as the younger brother was still in training to a bigger bed. They were 2 and 5 when I rearranged their bedroom. Believe me, sometimes, moving things around make wonders.

They are quite creative kids, each in his own way. Nick loves drawing and singing, Vinny loves acting and dancing. Although they share a bedroom, they also have a play corner, where most of the toys live, so I got to incorporate only their favourite toys into the decoration.

I also used their own framed art to embellish their bedroom - they feel so proud to see their artwork around! We couldn't have curtains installed as we rent and the landlord doesn't like the idea, so I made a cardboard and fabric tree to give the room some texture.

As soon as the little one is ready, they will be getting a brand new room, with a brand new theme, picked by both, and I can't wait to work on that and make their dreamy design come true :)


This room was a mix and match of IKEA pieces, which I find very handy, especially when you are renting and don't want to spend a fortune decorating a place from where you can be moving out any time soon. So, bringing different IKEA collections together gave me the colours and texture I needed to pull out of the hat a fun and playful bedroom for my little boys without breaking the bank :)

Thanks, Erica! Readers, visit Erica at Home Sweetener.


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