A Revamped Garden Design Magazine Returns

Garden Design closed its doors last spring, to the dismay of many disappointed readers. The Bonnier Publishing magazine's content had been slowly deteriorating over the years (in my opinion, at least), but it was still was one of the hipper and more thorough garden design magazines on the market. After a short hiatus, the magazine is back and completely redesigned, with the Summer 2014 issue on shelves now!

The magazine returns as more of a specialty journal, published quarterly and with completely ad-free content. Garden Design hopes to be an invaluable landscape/outdoor reference, and also coffee table worthy, with thick, luscious pages. Along with the print magazine, you will also find a new website with original content from regional writers. Between the print magazine and the website, Garden Design hopes to do a better job with regional representation, appointing ambassadors to cover each distinctive area of the US.

I hope Garden Design proves to be just like my plant society journals — an invaluable reference that is both beautiful and informative, catalogued and earmarked for future reading.

For more information, visit Garden Design.

(Image credits: Garden Design; Garden Design)