A Rocking Chair Thats Knits You A Beanie

Have you ever sat in a rocking chair that knitted you a winter hat while you rocked? Really? Yeah, me neither. Follow me after the jump to find out more.

Students at the ECAL University of Art and Design in Switzerland introduced their latest chair knitting creation at the 'low-tech factory' exhibition. The theme of the show was to 'reinterpret the idea of manufacture — deconstructing the fabrication process of a product to a slower pace'. And hence the 'Rock Knit' was born. It knits you a much needed beanie for a cold Switzerland winter as you stop and relax and rock yourself into a nice peaceful trance.

Check out the video below to see the chair in action:

ECAL Low-Tech Factory/Rocking-Knit from ECAL on Vimeo.

(Image: ECAL via designboom)

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