A Rustic Roundup of Handmade Plus
High Tech

A Rustic Roundup of Handmade Plus
High Tech

Gregory Han
Jun 10, 2013

Sleek and modern isn't everyone's cup of tea. Yet the majority of us have a television and a few other visible glowing devices kept out in the open. We've gone back and collected a few examples from our house tour archives to find examples where the rustic and handmade were given equal billing with their plugged-in housemates...

"Oh no...shipping pallets again," you say? Hold on! Though we've seen our share of reused pallet desks, this project by Donna Williams from her From Junk To Funk In Donna's Handmade Home house tour is unique for its dual duty nature as both display case and media storage unit. The milk and soda crates beneath store away her collection of DVDs, while the slots are perfectly sized to house her home entertainment components. Additional details and photos of this project available over at Donna's site.

We're not sure what's better, the architectural blueprint as television backdrop, or Scott's industrial pipe and reclaimed wood media center below. Both from Scott's Modern Heritage in Ottawa House Tour.

Here's what you can do when you've got access to a laser  Eve Trester-Wilson, co-owner of MAKEatx, designed and installed sliding doors with laser cut panels (stained plywood over white acrylic) onto the front of a media cabinet/TV stand. It's just one amongst several examples of the handmade dotting Eve & Skylar's Everything Handmade Apartment tour.

Even if you don't have a laser cutter at your disposal, a jigsaw blade and an overhead project can turn out some amazing designs, as shown here with Kathleen's Laser Cut Into Reality Desk project.

Ed and Ellie Grover's reclaimed wood fence wall is a unique rustic touch inside their kitchen/dining room, a memorable interior feature from their Ellie's Handmade First Home tour. Imagine the same idea, but moved into the living room, with the reclaimed wood wall used as a backdrop for a wall-mounted flat panel display (and here's how to do it).

Francisco's Warm Modern Aesthetic Austin abode somehow feels equally spacious and comfortably cozy. This could be attributed to his choice in colors and materials strewn throughout his loft-like home, where the handmade and repurposed balance out modern elements.

An example is his TV stand, an old bench he stripped down, re-stained with Danish oil, with the base painted green for a complementary color combination. It even makes an old, bulky CRT television seem tolerable.

DIY Idea: Looking for an easy way to emulate Francisco's bench/TV stand above? Repaint an a $50 IKEA LACK and top with affordable and interlocking faux wood laminate flooring in your choice of emulated wood!

(Images: as linked and credited above)

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