A Safe Fix for Video Monitor Installation

Lately my twin toddlers have appointed themselves childproofing inspectors. Instead of napping, they have pulled the heating vent cover from the floor, scaled the dresser and unplugged their video monitor. I'm impressed by their ingenuity but also concerned for their safety, and now more than ever I rely on that monitor (especially when I'm beyond earshot). So yesterday we removed the dresser and screwed down the vent cover, then agonized over a safe installation solution for the monitor. Our brilliant handyman came up with a safe and attractive fix.

My girls' closet was illuminated by a simple bulb with a pull chain. For about $8, our handyman picked up a lampholder with an outlet box like this one. He installed the new fixture, drilled a small hole through the wall above the closet door, fed the cord through and mounted the monitor. No visible cords, no plugs to tempt my daughters, no disruptions to my monitor feed.

(Images: Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph and Leviton)