A Secret Room Suprise Reveal

A Secret Room Suprise Reveal

Carrie McBride
Aug 13, 2014
(Image credit: Things I Make)

For urban dwellers especially, discovering an extra room in your apartment is a common and recurring dream. And I don't mean a "wish" or a "hope". I literally mean you wake up at night after having this dream and then sink resignedly back into bed realizing "It was all a dream!" Well, a secret, hidden room is exactly what this 4-year-old received as his birthday gift this year.

Sarah describes on her blog how her son's bedroom had a small storage room adjoined to it accessible through a small, 4' tall door. Since he was not yet two years old when they bought the house and the storage room wasn't safe for kids, she and her husband covered the door with a dresser with the idea that they would one day transform it into a playroom for him.

Fast forward two years and they put their plan into action. With the help of a contractor who could only work on the room when their son was out, they fixed up and decorated the room and prepared for the big reveal on their son's fourth birthday.

(Image credit: Things I Make)

And what a birthday! Sarah walks through the reveal on her blog, Things I Make, and, as you'd guess, her son's mind was pretty blown to discover he had a whole room hiding behind his dresser and that room was just for him!

(via io9)

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