A Shower Curtain Conundrum Solved!

Chez Larssson

In a perfect world all houses have walk-in closets, food pantries, adequate shoe storage and bathrooms without wonky design challenges like this one where a sloped ceiling keeps the shower curtain rod from spanning the full length of the tub. How would you conquer this shower curtain conundrum? Turns out the answer only costs a few pennies!

Over at Chez Larsson, this ceiling has presented the homeowners with a few issues in the past. If you look closely at the curtain, even if it is pulled all the way it won't quite keep the water off the bathroom floor.

To fix the issue a small hair rubber band was sewn on the back of the curtain, allowing it to hook onto the towel dryer that's been installed in the shower. A quick release command hook (or something more permanent) could also work for some serious staying power in lieu of the dryer.

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Will this revelation shake the design world? Probably not, but there's more than just a handful of folks that have a similar issue in their own homes. Have you solved a quirky problem like these homeowners? Drop us a note and a photo and show us what you're up to!

See more on this project over at Chez Larsson

Images: Chez Larsson

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