A Seriously Cool Sidecar For Family Adventures

A Seriously Cool Sidecar For Family Adventures

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 21, 2011

The idea of a sidecar is cool no matter what vehicle it's attached to. In this case, this bike has been modded out to take little ones along and keep them up front for the view instead of stuck behind you.

I've always been jealous of folks who know how to weld or handle metal. That's one of those skills I've yet to learn, but chances are most of us know someone who can tackle that part for us. The rest of this bike hack is done with wood from your local hardware store.

It looks like a most awesome place to get a good view of the city as the parentals pedal along. It's a great reminder to think outside the box and not to be afraid to build exactly what you need. Check out all the details at the two wheeled hacker blog, Bike Hacks.

(p.s. Yes, we know, kids should wear helmets whether they're riding bikes or are passengers.)

(Image: Bike Hacks)

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