A Simple No Guard Rail Solution

A Simple No Guard Rail Solution

Janie Lee
Mar 14, 2012

When buying your child their first big boy/girl bed, there are many good looking choices. Slap on an after market guard rail, however, and your nice looking bed loses its appeal.

We found this simple way to avoid using a guard rail altogether. Over at Design*Sponge, a tour of a lovely home featured this traditional child's daybed. On closer inspection, we noticed that the "front" of the bed was actually turned toward the wall, while the "back", the side with a rail, was turned outward to act as a guard rail. Ingenious! Obviously, this only works if you have a daybed, but if you do, remember to turn it around to take advantage of a built-in guard rail. If you want to see the rest of this tranquil room, stop by Design*Sponge.

(Image: Melanie Rodriguez via Design*Sponge)

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